Newsletters 2015

Below are all the issues found in Volume 1, 2015. Enjoy Reading!

Kenya AIDS Village

PHW Volume 1 Issue 42 December 24 2015 How to Make A Virus Disappear, Good News About Climate Change and Pakistan Moves to Stop Biodiversity Loss

PHW Volume 1 Issue 41 December 17 2015 Tuberculosis Epidemic in Papua New Guinea, Climate Change Affects Malnutrition and Indonesia’s Sickening Pollution

PHW Volume 1 Issue 40 December 10 2015 The War Against Women, A Healthy Free For All in Nepal and It’s Time To Clean Up Space Junk

PHW Volume 1 Issue 39 December 3 2015 Sanitation and Hygiene Strategies can Promote Women’s Rights, Cholera is Coming and Maternal Deaths Drop Sharply

PHW Volume 1 Issue 38 November 26 2015 Who Will Mourn the Guinea Worm, Climate Change Worse News for Women and Getting Cancer on The Global Agenda

PHW Volume 1 Issue 37 November 19 2015 Learn if An Abused Monkey Pick Your Coconut, One Child Policy Ends and To Help The Poor Give Them Cash

PHW Volume 1 Issue 36 November 12 2015 Learn About World’s 10 Hungriest Countries, Toxins Remain in Our Clothes and Prize to Cambodian Hero

PHW Volume 1 Issue 35 November 5 2015 Read About 1.25 Million Traffic Deaths, Ebola Vaccine Depends on Health System and Weak State Poor Countries

PHW Volume 1 Issue 34 October 29 2015 Learn About Women Immune to Ebola, Hurricane Patricia: A Monster and Rise in Large Scale Refugee Movement


PHW Volume 1 Issue 33 October 22 2015 Learn About New Climate Change Group, First Nation Adults in China and Breast Cancer Striking Younger Chinese

PHW Volume 1 Issue 32 October 15 2015 Read About India’s Mental Health Crisis, Understanding Hunger and Canadians Piling Up More Garbage Than Ever

PHW Volume 1 Issue 31 October 8 2015 Learn About Equality in Reproductive Health Service, Deworming What’s The Deal Here?, Cycle of Poverty and Poor Health

PHW Volume 1 Issue 30 October 1 2015 Learn About Ending Child and Maternal Deaths, Thousands in India Die At Home From Abdominal Conditions and Madagascar’s Health Challenges

PHW Volume 1 Issue 29 September 24 2015 Learn About Who Will Suffer from Climate Change, Sterilization of Indigenous Women and If Black Lives Matter So Should Climate

PHW Volume 1 Issue 28 September 17 2015 Read About Measles Outbreak in Congo, D-Livering on INDCs and Career Success Isn’t A Mystery

PHW Volume 1 Issue 27 September 10 2015 Learn About Sea Level Rising up by 25cm, Quiet Revolution in Childhood Diarrhea and Why Brazil’s Environmentalists are Being Murdered

PHW Volume 1 Issue 26 September 3 2015 Learn About Obesity Gene Discovery, Ethiopians Face Severe Food Shortage and Climate Change Shrinking Uganda’s Lakes

PHW Volume 1 Issue 25 August 27 2015 Learn About the Global Perspective on Hypertension, Gender Disparities and Land Rights End Child Marriage

PHW Volume 1 Issue 24 August 20 2015 Read About Screening for Cardiovascular Disease, Role of Husbands in Maternal Health and Kenya Fighting Climate Change

PHW Volume 1 Issue 23 August 13 2015 Learn About Successful Maternal Health Project in Uganda, Are We Ready For A Universal Agenda? and Climate Related Mortality

PHW Volume 1 Issue 22 August 6 2015 Read About Antibiotics On The Spot Testing, The G7 and Global Health and To Eat Fish or Not To Eat Fish


PHW Volume 1 Issue 21 July 30 2015 Learn About Financing Universal HealthCare, Barriers To Early Abortion for Women and Heatwaves: Be Prepared for Many Side-Effects

PHW Volume 1 Issue 20 July 23 2015 Read About Faith-Based HealthCare, 2014 Earth’s Warmest Year and Exxon Knew of Climate Changes in 1981

PHW Volume 1 Issue 19 July 16 2015 Learn About Trans-Pacific Partnership: Is it Bad for Your Health?, Slow Ebola Recovery and Climate Change is More Than Just Temperature

PHW Volume 1 Issue 18 July 9 2015 Read About Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases to Avoid Premature Deaths, Investment in Child Health and Maternal Mortality

PHW Volume 1 Issue 17 July 2 2015 Learn About How Breastfeeding Protects Against Environmental Pollution, Girls Not Brides and 7 Mistakes Recent Grads Make

PHW Volume 1 Issue 16 June 25 2015 Read About Kidney Treatment Not an Option for All in Uganda, Managing Tide of Childhood Obesity and GM Cotton A False Promise for Africa

PHW Volume 1 Issue 15 June 18 2015 Read About G7’s Addiction behind Hunger, Thirsty in Nicargua and India Erupts Over Loopholes in Child Labour Law

PHW Volume 1 Issue 14 June 11 2015 Learn About Stemming the Tides of Fake Medicines, Overview of Aboriginal Health in Canada and Answers to Recent Grads


PHW Volume 1 Issue 13 June 4 2015 Learn About How Climate change is Caused by Ocean not just The Atmosphere, Inter-Relationship Violence and HIV Emergency isn’t Over

PHW Volume 1 Issue 12 May 28 2015 Read About How Mothers and Babies Benefit from Skin to Skin Contact, NASA Finds Good News on Forests and CO2

PHW Volume 1 Issue 11 May 21 2015 Learn About No Gender Equality, Life Expectancy Increases and Putting Bedbugs to Bed Forever

PHW Volume 1 Issue 10 May 14 2015 Learn About The Lesson of Nepal, Ability of HIV to Cause AIDS is Slowing and China’s Winter Olympic Bid

PHW Volume 1 Issue 9 May 7 2015 Read About WHO Leadership Admits Failing Over Ebola, Rising International Rates of C-Section Rates and Migrant Crisis

PHW Volume 1 Issue 8 April 30 2015 Learn About Global Pandemic of Fake Medicines, Only Three Countries With Polio and The Nuclear Prime Ministers-Harper and Modi

PHW Volume 1 Issue 7 April 23 2015 Read About How To Defeat Science Deniers, Superbug Posing Threat to Canada and How To Overcome Burnouts

PHW Volume 1 Issue 6 April 16 2015 Learn About Hot Spots for Food Security, Street Children’s Have Rights Too and The Greener Pope

PHW Volume 1 Issue 5 April 9 2015 Read About Access to Toilets in Pakistan, The Body Count of War and Does Pregnancy Cause Girls to Drop out of School?

PHW Volume 1 Issue 4 April 2 2015 Read About AIDS #1 Killer of Adolescents, Lowest Sea Ice Ever Recorded and Global Food Security

PHW Volume 1 Issue 3 March 26 2015 Learn About The Hottest Years Since 2000, Polio in Pakistan and California Drought The Worst Ever

PHW Volume 1 Issue 2 March 19, 2015 Read About Threat of Neglected Tropical Diseases, Climate Charge Spark 2011 Syria Uprising? and Top 10 Health Problems of Women

PHW Volume 1 Issue 1 March 12 2015 The First Issue of Planetary Health Weekly! Learn About Ethical Approach to University Internationalization, Health vs. Healthcare and Applying Human Rights to Maternal Child Health