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July 21, 2022 in PHW Vol. 8, No. 29 By Stephen Bezruchka UPSTREAM AT THE SOURCE… An allegory that has been told for many decades distinguishes upstream from downstream factors.  Imagine, if you will, three people standing alongside a river on a brisk afternoon. They suddenly hear a cry for help from someone caught in


BEZ’S BLOG #4Political Determinants of Health Credit: Hawai’i Department of HealthLast month we looked at evidence that economic inequality and social spending are the critical factors in producing health in a society. These issues make health a political construct. This is not a new idea. It was voiced by the Greeks eons ago. It appears regularly

Bez’s Blog # 6

The Ubiquitous Health Impacts of Socioeconomic Gradients June 16, 2022 much air can you blow out in one second.  You can measure it non-invasively by blowing into a spirometer, a tube that measures how much air passes though in the first second.  People with bigger lungs can blow out more air in one second so

Milner on Biodiversity- Blog #3

Edward Milner  June 9, 2022  A recent news item in the UK publicised the claim that the construction of 120,000 new homes was delayed because of a ruling by Natural England (the Government’s biodiversity agency) because pollution to local wetlands would result unless major changes were made to the builders’ plans. For a moment I


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