Volume 3 2017

Below are all the issues found in Volume 3, 2017. Enjoy Reading!

PHW Volume 3 Number 25 June 22 2017

PHW Volume 3 Number 24 June 15 2017

PHW Volume 3 Number 23 June 8 2017

PHW Volume 3 Number 22 June 1 2017

PHW Volume 3 Number 21 May 25 2017

PHW Volume 3 Number 20 May 18 2017 Read About China’s Appetite that Pushes Fisheries to the Brink, Three Countries that Will Control Much of the World’s Agriculture and Lessons from Leatherbacks

PHW Volume 3 Number 19 May 11 2017 Read About Smoking Causing 1 in 10 Deaths, El Nino Causing Cholera Risk and Ethiopia Hosting Most Refugees Than Any African Country

PHW Volume 3 Number 18 May 04 2017 Read About the Karoshi Crisis in Japan, How Wealth Inequality Fuels Poor Health and India’s Smart Villages At a Glance

PHW Volume 3 Number 17 April 27 2017 Read About the Sea Making Us Sicker, Paris Agreement on Climate Change and What Climate Change Means for Ontario

PHW Volume 3 Issue 16 April 20 2017 Read About the Rapists Loophole, Slaves and Nepal’s Water Nightmare

PHW Volume 3 Number 15 April 13 2017 Read About China’s Oldest Are Living Longer With Fewer Disabilities, But Not Healthier, Changing Food Preferences and Yoga Pants A Key Source of Pollution

PHW Volume 3 Number 14 April 6 2017 Read About the 48 Uses of Dragon’s Blood, China’s Rejuvenation in Health and Indigenous People of Wildlife Know How To Protect Nature

PHW Volume 3 Number 13 March 30 2017 Read About Children Dying Due to Pollution, Zika Virus in Canadian Travellers and Antibiotic Resistance: A Risk to Children

PHW Volume 3 Number 12 March 23 2017 Read About Liberian Ebola Fighter Dies in Childbirth, List of Bacteria That Poses Threat to Human Health and Hawaii Having More Snow then Denver or Chicago

PHW Volume 3 Number 11 March 16 2017 Read About Depression Being the Leading Disability in The World, UN Boosting Aid to Famine Hit Regions and Canada’s Health Performance Over 50 Years Compared

PHW Volume 3 Number 10 March 10 2017 Read About Air Pollution Being Tied to Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Latino Children and Predicting Where Seas are Being Rising

PHW Volume 3 Number 9 March 2 2017 Read About Why There Are Still Famines, Iceland Stopping Substance Abuse in Teens and How Do We Protect the Deep Sea

PHW Volume 3 Number 8 February 23 2017 Read About Sexual Violence: The Silent Epidemic, China Bird Flu Surges and Mercury Threat to Oceans

PHW Volume 3 Number 7 February 16 2017 Read About World Malaria Report 2016, Pollution from Agricultural Fires and Three Major Global Development Trends from Davos

PHW Volume 3 Number 6 February 09 2017 Read About Accelerating Path to 0 Hunger, Cattle Can Help Eliminate Malaria in India and How Poor Countries Help Develop Rich Countries

PHW Volume 3 Number 5 February 2 2017 Read About Dutch Trains Running on 100% Renewable Energy, The Battle for Access to Medicine and Nature Not Good To Human Beings

PHW Volume 3 Number 4 January 26 2017 Read About Elevated Blood Pressure, Breastfeeding Combatting Climate Change and How Much Electric Car Battery Costs

PHW Volume 3 Number 3 January 19 2017 Learn About AID Groups Help Fighting Zimbabwe Typhoid Outbreak, Record Rainfalls in Thailand and Why Education is A Gift

PHW Volume 3 Number 2 January 12 2017  Read About China’s First Ever Red Alert For Fog, Preventing the Next Food Shortage Crisis and New Ebola Vaccine

PHW Volume 3 Number 1 January 5 2017  Read About Ancient Chinese Malaria Remedy, Changes to Farming Practice and Climate Change’s Role in Tibet Avalanche