Newsletters 2016

Below are all the issues found in Volume 2, 2016. Enjoy Reading!

PHW Volume 2 Issue 52 December 29 2016 Read About HIV Treatment, Australia Spending Billions to Save Barrier Reefs and Devastating Decline For Giraffes

PHW Issue 2 Volume 51 December 22 2016 Read About Eradicating Malaria, Climate Model Predictions Tell A Story and World of Viruses Uncovered

PHW Volume 2 Issue 50 December 15 2016 Read about Diabetes Affecting Millions Worldwide, Victory for Universal Health Coverage and Paris: City of Smog

 PHW Volume 2 Issue 49 December 8 2016 Learn about Multi-drug Resistance TB Soaring in Africa, Arctic Sea Ice Melting and Confronting Canada’s Indigenous Suicide Crisis

PHW Volume 2 Issue 48 December 1 2016 Read about The Future of Foreign Aid, Improving Health Equity for Indigenous Peoples and Arctic Sea Ice Losing its Bulvark

PHW Volume 2 Issue 47 November, 24, 2016 Read more about Violence in Epidemiology, the Global Commitment to Early Childhood Development, and the affects of Artificial Sweeteners in Blood

PHW Volume 2 Issue 46 November 17 2016 Read About Snow Leopards in Grave Decline, Sri Lanka’s annual droughts will worsen and Globally Averaged CO2 Levels Reach 400ppm

Planetary Health Volume 2 Issue 45, November 10, 2016 Learn about Violence in Canada, the Big Mac Index, and How Gender Data Became Cool

PHW Volume 2 Issue 44 November 03, 2016 Learn about a Possible HIV cure due to collaborations, Big Soda Echoing Big Tobacco’s Tactics & Coke and Brewery Wastewater Transformed Into Energy Storage

PHW Volume 2 Issue 43 October 27, 2016Read About Improving Disability Care, Harnessing Algae for Clean Energy and How Inequality Starts Before Birth

PHW Volume 2 Issue 42 October 20 2016 Read About Eradicating River Blindness in Guatemala, As Peat Bog Burns Climate Threat Rises and Universal Flu Vaccines


PHW Volume 2 Issue 41 October 13 2016 Learn About Africa’s Population Boom, Texas’s Maternal Mortality Rate and India’s Ratification of the Paris Agreement

PHW Volume 2 Issue 40 October 6, 2016 Read About Bayer Admitting to Give Kids AIDS, Marrying Minors in Indonesia and Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan Pledge Billions To Fight All Disease

PHW Volume 2 Issue 39 September 29 2016 SPECIAL ISSUE ON GLOBAL NUTRITION, Read About How India Can End Malnutrition by 2030 and The 2016 Global Nutrition Report

PHW Volume 2 Issue 38 September 22, 2016 Learn About the  Challenges to Cancer Programs, Uganda’s Mental Health Conversation and India’s Farmers Commiting Suicide

PHW Volume 2 Issue 37 September 15 2016 Read About Pandemic Risk in Today’s Cities, Pulses Reduce Gas Emissions and Drones to Replant Your Forests

PHW Volume 2 Issue 36 September 7 2016 Learn About Deadly Strain of Malaria, The Challenge of Cutting Coal Dependence and Impact of Public Health

PHW Volume 2 Issue 35 September 1 2016 Read About Worst Countries for Drunk Driving, Aviation Industry Faces Huge Challenges and Air Pollution Alerts To be Displayed

PHW Volume 2 Issue 34 August 25, 2016 Learn More about AIDS Funding, Malaria in Mines and China Air Coal                                                                                                                  
PHW Volume 2Issue 33 August 18, 2016 Read about Dialysis, global warming target in danger and 1 million vaccines for yellow fever go missingrtx1uhk4

PHW Volume 2 Issue 32, August 11 2016 Learn More about Maternal and Congenital Syphilis, No Escape in Nairobi’s Air Warning and Tackling Rheumatic Heart Disease in Indigenous Children

PHW Volume 2 Issue 31 August 4, 2016 Read More about Viral Hepatitis, Artic Ocean Melting and Zika Outbreak Ending in 2-3 Years

PHW Volume 2 Issue 30 July 28, 2016 Learn About Australia’s End of AIDS, Obesity Shortening Lives by 10 years and the Global Divide in Smartphone Use

PHW Volume 2 Issue 29 July 21, 2016 SPECIAL ISSUE ON ELECTRIC AND RENEWABLE ENERGY VEHICLES: Read about Ford Going Electric, Hybrid Electric Fuel Cars and Consumer Reports Slamming Tesla

PHW Volume 2 Issue 28 July 14, 2016 Learn About Australia’s Solar Gold Rush, Sydney Commiting to Net Zero and More Bad News for Malaria Vaccine

PHW Volume 2 Issue 27 July 7, 2016 Learn About Radioactive Ranchers in Alberta, Soil Degradation threatening Nutrition in Latin America and Maternal Deaths in India


PHW Volume 2 Issue 26 June 30, 2016 Read about Asia’s thirst for formula milk, CO2 being converted into stone and Prevention Options to End HIV in Women

PHW Volume 2 Issue 23 June 25, 2016 Learn About Great Barrier Reef Dying, Opioids’ the Problem of Pain and IMF Admits Neoliberalism a Failure

PHW Volume 2 Issue 24 June 16, 2016 Read about Resurgence of Yellow Fever, Affordability of New Medicines to Help Hepatitis C and Damaging the Environment Faster than Recovery

PHW Volume 2 Issue 23 June 9, 2016 SPECIAL ISSUE ON SOLAR/RENEWABLE ENERGY, Read about the World of Renewable Energy, Top Five Reasons Why we Love Solar and Ryerson Students Win Race to Solar

PHW Volume 2 Issue 22 June 2, 2016 Read More about Running of Water, Future of Food and Trends in Coronary Heart Disease

PHW Volume 2 Issue 21 May 26, 2016 Learn about Confronting Violence Against Women, America’s Suicide Epidemic and Aboriginal Gay Don’t Get HIV Testing

PHW Volume 2 Issue 19 May 19, 2016 Read about The Possibility of Climate Change Contributing to Fort McMurray Forest Fire, Climate Change Hitting Zambia and Sri Lanka Bracing for Extreme Heat

PHW Volume 2 Issue 18 May 5, 2016 Read About Refugees Leaving Africa, HIV Crisis in Africa Affecting Women and Global Malnutrition Crisis

PHW Volume 2 Issue 17 April 28, 2016 Learn About The Diagnosis of Poverty, First Cases of Microcephaly in Zika Virus and Marlboro Boys: Indonesia’s Youngest Lights Up

PHW Volume 2 Issue 16 April 21, 2016 Read About Protecting Breastfeeding, Beating Diabetes: A Global Action Is Required and Water Crisis Developing in Drought Hit Vietnam


PHW Volume 2 Issue 15 April 14, 2016 Read About India’s Access To Medicine, Massive Salmon Kill in Chile and Drought Hits Somalia

PHW Volume 2 Issue 14 April 7, 2016 Learn About New Mothers Leaving Health Facilities Too Soon, Reducing Pediatric HIV Infection Rates and Philippines Leading the Way in Climate Fight

PHW Volume 2 Issue 13 March 31, 2016 Read About Zika Vaccine Still Years Away, India’s Toilet Crisis and European Medical Crops

PHW Volume 2 Issue 12 March 24,2016 Global Agenda For Nutrition and Health, Crop Prospects and Food Situation and Ebola Survivors Left With Brain Problems

PHW Volume 2 Issue 11 March 17, 2016 Read About Middle East Doctors Being Killed, Sanitary Pads and School Attendance and Mental Health Cost of Climate Change


PHW Volume 2 Issue 10 March 10, 2016 Learn About Rats Who Sniff Out Tuberculosis, Brokers of Junk Science and Indigenous Activist Assassinated

PHW Volume 2 Issue 9 March 3, 2016 Read About Female Genital Mutilation, A Country Without Abortion and Heat Absorbed by Ocean Doubled

PHW Volume 2 Issue 8 February 25, 2016 Learn About Social Medicines: Lesson From Cuba, Aboriginal Health in Canada and Chipotle’s Indigestion

PHW Volume 2 Issue 7 February 18, 2016 Learn About The Dengue Vaccine That is Here, Speedier Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Hydro dams Threaten Freshwater Fish

PHW Volume 2 Issue 6 February 11, 2016 Read About Midwives and Nurses as Good As Doctors, Mexican Soda Tax and Stocking Up To Defeat Cholera

PHW Volume 2 Issue 5 February 4, 2016 Learn About Tackling Modern Slavery, Miami is Flooding and Can Coding Become a Building Block of Global Education


PHW Volume 2 Issue 4 January 28, 2016 Read About Data Mapping Can Help Countries Tackle Deforestation and Revolutionizing Female Hygiene

PHW Volume 2 Issue 3 January 21, 2016 Learn About The Death of Elephants, Turning Healthcare Revolution into A Crisis and Multi-Drug Resistant Diseases in 2015

PHW Volume 2 Issue 2 January 14, 2016 Read About Climate Action in Paris, Millions of Girls Disappear in India and Natural Gas Worse Than Oil

PHW Volume 2 Issue 1 January 7, 2016 Read About Occupational Health After Earthquake, Effects of Soy Production in Amazon and Three Ways New Toilets Will Help Women

Yellow fever outbreak in Angola