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Reflection on the 2020 Unite for Sight Virtual Global Health & Innovation Conference (April 11-13, 2020) by Eunice Anteh, Production Manager, Planetary Health Weekly

The COVID-19 global health pandemic is rapidly changing our normal ways of living, from work to being with friends and family. We have been affected in diverse ways and this pandemic has reminded us as humans of the things we took for granted. With no end date in sight for the novel coronavirus lockdowns and shelter at home orders and

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Our vision

Planetary Health Weekly is a online free newsletter which aims to inform the public about global health and ecological wellness. We encourage you to read our newsletter, get others to subscribe and to feel free to pass it onto any others whom you feel might benefit from it. This site contains an archive of all previous issues (from 2015 and 2016) and the 2015 Index of Stories. To Access the latest issue of PHW, click on Archive Volume 3 2017.

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