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BEZ’S BLOG #14: Canada- United States Comparisons

February 16, 2023 In his book, “American Exceptionalism”, Seymour Martin Lipsett wrote that “”it is impossible to understand a country without seeing how it varies from others.  Those who know only one country know no country.” We ended the last blog pointing out the importance of political choices a society makes that strongly influence its health using as examples U.S.

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Milner on Biodiversity – Blog #11 “URBAN TREE-PLANTING”

Milner on Biodiversity Blog #11 “Urban Tree-planting” Planetary Health Weekly Edward Milner, February 9, 2023 In midwinter the prospect of a long hot summer may look inviting, but I advise caution: be careful what you wish for. While the thrust of international gatherings like recent COP meetings in Egypt and Canada and headline writers of the popular press are all

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Bez’s Blog #13: Population Health and Political Updates

The new year brings new information and a new perspective on planetary health. We ended last year looking at adverse childhood experiences. This blog will begin with the latest vital signs for human health on the planet and then delve into political directions to heal the situation. In October’s blog the latest health Olympics ranking for 2021 were revealed showing

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Milner Blog #9: “Faith and Reason”

Credit: Public Health Notes If there’s anything that defines the 21st Century it is perhaps the disturbing rise of evidence-free decision-making, ‘not driven by reason at all but by emotion’ as the influential British novelist Jonathan Coe has it, or that people “have had enough of experts” as UK MP Michael Gove has claimed. Instead of reasoned argument, decision-makers seem

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BEZ’S BLOG #11: Return To Early Life. By Stephen Bezruchka

Let’s explore what being of low birthweight does to brain development. In my September Blog (#9) on early life I explained how conditions in your early life from conception to age two (first thousand days) are when perhaps half of your adult health is programmed. This suggests that the impact of personal health-related behaviors we practice in later life may

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Blog #8 Milner on Biodiversity: Beyond Forest Loss (Part 2)

The UN Biodiversity Conference at Montreal in December will be concentrating on the 30:30 proposal – every country and all the seas to have 30% in ‘protected areas’ by 2030 – with as many governments as possible to ‘pledge’ support. As I indicated in a previous blog, I am unconvinced that ‘pledges’ agreed at these conferences advance actual performance at

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