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Public Health…What Is It, Really?

By Dr. Jay Kravitz Blog #2 posted November 12, 2020 What is the discipline of public health? This challenging profession, often overlooked or misunderstood, works diligently, typically in the background, to protect everyone – even as more visible attention is drawn during outbreak investigations and/or pandemics. Public health practitioners possess broad educational backgrounds including medicine, nursing, entomology, veterinary, occupational and

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The Primary Importance of Public Health and the Serious Risks Associated with Disseminating Misinformation

by Dr. Jay Kravitz  Blog #1 posted October 15, 2020 As a retired, public health professional and global health educator for >30 years, I am appalled by COVID-19 conspiracy theories with inexplicable agendas that do direct harm or are expounded by self-righteousness persons with a lack of understanding about scientific knowledge or evidence. These “theories” are based on misinformed, political

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Mitigating COVID-19 Effects on East African Economies

COVID-19 In East Africa  By Atwongyeire Joseph reporting from Uganda The East African Community is currently facing an unparalleled magnitude and pace of twin health and economic crises that are heightening the risk of compromising development at the country and regional level. The global COVID-19 pandemic, associated with huge loss of human life and morbidity, have brought the East African

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Reflection on the 2020 Unite for Sight Virtual Global Health & Innovation Conference (April 11-13, 2020) by Eunice Anteh, Production Manager, Planetary Health Weekly

The COVID-19 global health pandemic is rapidly changing our normal ways of living, from work to being with friends and family. We have been affected in diverse ways and this pandemic has reminded us as humans of the things we took for granted. With no end date in sight for the novel coronavirus lockdowns and shelter at home orders and

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